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customer avtaar

Time flies so soon, a few weeks back I was facing a dilemma to join this Internship or not (thankfully, I joined) & now it’s over one week since class 1 of Internship where we had learned about various basics of marketing from Deepak sir. In case you want to check out learnings from Class 1. Check out the following link.

Digital Deepak Internship batch 3 class 1

This article is about learnings from DigitalDeepak Internship Batch 3 Class 2. I am very much excited to share my learnings with you guys. So, as you can make out from the heading the main crux of this article is customer avatar. Let’s dive into the learning of this class in the way as given by Deepak sir.

Class 2 started with very important learning which sounds a little bit harsh but it is very true that distractions are very harmful even more than drugs. Sir also mentioned a positive fact that Class 1 had very high assignment submissions which are very great as it shows the success of this internship program. In this class, I have learned that communication is extremely important for succeeding in the marketing process, and for proper communication, you need to know to whom you are talking. Imagine for e.g. How you need to talk to the following individuals.

> A 28-year-old individual

> A 45-year-old individual

> A 60-year-old individual

Obviously, If we don’t know our customers than our communication will fail. In our class, the following points were discussed in order to be a good communicator and marketer.

1. Golden triangle


golden triangle


In order to be good at anything in life whenever we will follow the above-mentioned steps of Learn,>Do>Teach only than we will be able to improve our learnings in a drastic way. Also one should not be afraid of mistakes. You are thinking Why we should not be afraid of mistakes. Right? it is because mistakes are future benefits the value of which is yet to be realized.

2. Good Marketer

So again here a basic question arises that what is marketing? In one sentence it is a process of building trust. If we further dig in than the next question which arises is how can trust be established?

Simple by having conversations thus marketing is also about good conversations. Initially, we can start by practicing 1:1 conversation which is also extremely important because if we are good at 1:1 only than we are able to converse with 1:many.

The next point in being a good marketer is being authentic because no one like fake person/ brand. people are attracted to real(authentic) personalities only. And as such anyway fakeness is only temporary. It can only give you short term benefits.

As a marketer one should always try to have more experience in various facets of life. Be it learning a new language, or a sport, music instruments, etc because people who connect to different things and then connect different things together can be a good marketer. One should also try to challenge his / her assumptions by doing things in another way. By doing this we can go deep and depth is needed to be successful. Deepak sir mentioned “Awkwardness is an indicator of learning. By challenging what is established, new beliefs & ways of thinking can be discovered”

3. Who is your audience?


It is said that if everyone is your audience then no one is your audience. Imagine this statement with one e.g. Let’s say there are a few people gathered at a place & if we need to address our target audience than what will be the response in the following scenarios:

If we address the gathering by saying “Hey everybody…..” &

If we address the gathering by saying “Hey Mr. X or Hey engineers/ Doctors Etc…..”

Here the second scenario will attract more responses because it is addressed to a specific individual or a specific set of individuals.

Now the question arises that how to define your audience? & How to know their demographics & psychographics? It can be done with the help of digital tools like Facebook insights & google keyword planner etc and most importantly through 1:1 conversation with your target customer. 1:1 conversation is extremely powerful even than to 1:many. That’s why email marketing is very much powerful than social media marketing. Deepak sir also quoted this reference that focusing on your center (target customer) is a must because as you move away from the center your marketing efforts gets diluted.

As you have seen conversation is extremely important in marketing here are a few tips by Deepak sir.

-The marketing language should always be as simple as possible.

-Any type of content has the following sequence:

Headline>First sentence>Second sentence etc

so a marketer should always write content in a way that the headline attracts customers and leads them to the first sentence then from first to second and so on.

-Surveys help a marketer to have a direct conversation with the target customer. It is a very important tool.

As a part of my assignment here I have developed my survey. Please feel free to check my survey questions.

My survey link

Now out of my survey, three important customer avatar which I have made for my digital marketing coaching is as follows:

1. Mr. S., a 34 years old male residing in Vadodara is an engineer by profession & having an average annual income of Rs.1 lakh. He is interested in digital marketing because he is excited by the opportunity, he wants to start his own digital marketing agency/ a freelancer and also wants to be an affiliate marketer

2. Mr. R. a 57 years old male residing in Ahmedabad is salaried, having an average annual income of Rs. 5 lakhs. He is interested in digital marketing because he is excited by the opportunity, he wants to start his own digital marketing agency/ a freelancer and also wants to be an affiliate marketer

3.Mr. M. a 42 years old male residing in Chennai is a business consultant & having an average annual income of Rs. 10 lakhs. He is interested in digital marketing because he is excited by the opportunity, he wants to start his own digital marketing agency/ a freelancer and also wants to be an affiliate marketer


Stay safe.

Digital Deepak Internship Batch 3 Class 1



Hello everyone, I am Saumil Shah. Before I begin with my overview of DDIB3C1, I will like to give a quick intro. I am currently a Banker by profession and aspiring to be a full-time blogger & a digital marketer shortly. From my childhood, I was always amazed by listening to various entrepreneurs and always wanted to venture out but because of various reasons, I was not able to pursue my dreams. Nevertheless, my entrepreneurial spirit never died & since 2016, I was experimenting with various ideas but D.M. caught my complete attention in 2017. And then in that year, I started following Deepak Sir but again because of certain factors I was not able to completely focus on my dream, i.e. digital marketing. So fast forward to 2020 here I am with Do or Die, perform or perish kind of promise to myself. A Promise that I will completely focus & give my best efforts to achieve my dream at all costs and whatever efforts it takes.

Now coming back to our agenda, guys this is my first ever blog post ever to be written by just myself (without any help from the internet). So, I request you to please give me feedback.

In the First class of Internship, we were reminded to have goals set for ourselves. Goals are very important because they always guide us. Without goals, we are heading nowhere. In our case, the primary goal should have a clear idea of what we want to become either a blogger, vlogger, freelancer, teacher, or starting a D.M. agency or these combinations. Then, a digital marketer should also have secondary goals like to improve communication and selling skills as they are extremely important for his /her success in the digital marketing field. Further, a financial goal was also demonstrated to us which is as below:

Making 1 crore in x years/months (the choice is yours) by

Having a 1000 Rs.paying 10000 customers


Having 10000 Rs paying 1000 customers

Moving further few important concepts of Economics were explained.

The first being that the economy of a country expands when the average age of citizens goes up & vice versa. This theory was explained by observing an individuals life that when an individual grows completes his/her education, he/she either gets a job or do business then they get married, after marriage, they plan their family, buy a new home and / car, etc. so as one observation can be made that with an increase in age one’s expenses increase.

The second concept taught was “debt creates money” meaning that when an individual obtains a loan then that money I invested further/ is spend on goods/ services, in both cases money circulation in the country increases while when a person pays back loan money circulation decreases.

Few economics books suggested by Deepak sir are economics 101, currency wars, books by Paul Krugman, Raghuram Rajan, and adam smith.

Next, the importance of communication was explained. communication skills are extremely important as it helps in content creation, sales, and becoming successful in our profession. Here English is our primary language in our communication so one should always continuously improve their skills. now as in case of any other language reading, writing and listening are must to have good command at the language, the same applies in case of learning and improving English language skills. Reading, listening, and writing English daily for at least 30 minutes will help a lot.

After communication, the future of digital marketing was discussed by Deepak sir in which sir answered a question which many people are asking him that is digital marketing field is going to fade out in future? to this question, sir gave the logic that digital marketing is nothing but a combination of digital + marketing and both these concepts are here to stay. simply stated neither marketing is not going to die out nor any digital platforms are.

To make us understand the importance of communication and interlinking of various digital marketing aspects, a concept is known as Integrated digital marketing was explained.

integrated digital marketing

Later, Deepak sir explained that to be successful in the digital marketing niche selection is a must and he guided us in selecting niche by giving us a formula for its selection.he said ideally it should be a combination of passion +talent +market opportunity. Deepak sir also gave us a suggestion that the currently most profitable niche is health, wealth, lifestyle (fashion) & relationships. and he also gave us a brief idea about how to find market demand by using various tools like google auto suggest,, amazon reviews, etc.

Lastly, two important concepts of personal branding and funnels were explained. personal branding is a must in any field and digital marketing is not an exception because it is a factor that differentiates us from the crowd. personal branding is key to building a tribe. With personal branding, you can get a job or even build your business.


In the case of funnels, sir explained that it is a kind of customer journey map. One of the basic functions of the funnel is to gain the customer’s trust.

Best Productivity applications

Luckily, today with the help of tech, in the form of various apps have the potential to make the process of working easier and productive. However, in this day and age with such a significant number of alternatives, it might be hard for tech amateurs to discover the best applications so here are probably the best applications that you could utilize.

Communication is the main concern for everyone as one need to be in consistent touch with partners or representatives. Fortunately, there are numerous applications out there that can make our work simple. Lets view these applications.


If in case we did not have any option to meet virtually, running an organization and managing time and productivity would be a daunting task. Zoom, a famous video conferencing application can be utilized to organize cloud gatherings with your partners, representatives or customers. You can likewise utilize Zoom to send messages, and share your screen with others. You can without much of stretch welcome individuals to join a gathering regardless of whether they are not utilizing Zoom as it is supported by all major platforms. It offers features of video conferencing and specialized instruments for all types of organizations. The champion item is Zoom Meetings, which offers simple to-utilize video and voice calls, which can be utilized for an online gathering. Other features include webinar hosting, exchanging messages, and files between team members. While many have issues with Skype for freezing up in the middle of a web-based gathering, Zoom is there for the salvage. Zoom can be costly when compared with its different rivals. A free version of Zoom is useful for short meetings of around 40 minutes while the paid version allows unlimited meeting time for a monthly fee to be paid by the host.


If your activity essentially includes a ton of gatherings or requirements you to be in constant communication, at that point your most logical option is to use Skype. Skype supports both sound and video calls and works across all major platforms. Skype additionally has the alternative to share your screen, send messages and even offer pictures and documents. Zoom can be very expensive for little organizations, so Skype is a better option for them. Whenever utilized with Office 365, Skype offers more to business clients with help for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


In case you’re the individual who’s surrounded by a gathering of individuals who’re surrounded by gadgets with Apple “ecosystem” than Face Time is for you. If you and your workmates have any of the apple’s devices with a webcam then, you can get FaceTime to meet each other virtually. You can add up to 32 individuals in FaceTime.


With more than 1.5 billion monthly users, almost everyone you know is using Whatsapp which makes it exceptionally simple to connect with anybody in a split second. If you are working with individuals around the globe and need a tool to get right away in contact with them then Whatsapp is an incredible method to do that. This application does not more an introduction, I guess.


The Slack application helps you to communicate and work together with your colleagues, chip away at various activities, share messages, and records, and to secretly message or call anybody in the group. It is an ideal live communication tool for seamless collaboration between remote workers. Slack additionally accompanies a choice to incorporate your work process with outsider applications like Google Drive, and Asana to better manage your projects and teams. It can be customized, users can be added to your workspace, and the dark mode feature is also available. It’s also a great drag-and-drop instant file sharing platform.

Microsoft Teams:

It offers a free form with restricted highlights and a paid form also. It is Microsoft’s take on Slack and is part of Office 365.


Quip flaunts the capacity to have chats, documents, to-do lists, spreadsheets all in one application, with the goal that it’s streamlined enough to make coordinated efforts quick and simple. As per the site, you can have real-time chat and message, edit documents with your co-workers, create charts using live data and embed full-featured spreadsheets. In particular, you can import documents from Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Google Docs; and export documents to PDF and Microsoft Office alongside spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel. All these are available on all major platforms. Quip is indeed simple application but has a few limitations. One such limitation is that sharing files or documents with people outside of your organization is not possible because of issues like formatting.

Notes: Using your smartphone to take notes is one of the most convenient ways to keep track of your daily activities and with the help of cloud-supported note apps, your notes would be synchronized across all your devices. Here is the list of some of the popular note-taking apps for your Android device with features like collaborative notes, cross-platform support, adding images, files, etc.


Evernote is one of the best and must have note-taking applications out there and it is accessible over every major platform. The application helps you to sort out your everyday assignments, meeting minutes, your thoughts and anything that is at the forefront of your thoughts with individual notebooks, categories, and tags. You can share your notes with anybody, make updates and even include records, website pages, and pictures to them. The application likewise bolsters written by hand notes in case you have a stylus or an S-pen.


If you are an avid user of the Microsoft Suite of products, at that point you may find the OneNote application progressively valuable as it incorporates with MS Office applications like Word and Excel. The interface of the application is like the MS word application so you may be comfortable with the application, it additionally has highlights like permitting you to embed videos to your notes, utilize your voice or stylus to take notes and even saves pages to your notes.

Google Keep

Google Keep is for individuals who simply need a basic and direct note-taking application to write down their contemplations with no entanglements, make records or lists, and set reminders. The application additionally has a web interface making it simpler to get to it from any gadget. You can likewise organize your notes by giving them various colors, names and saving them in discrete organizers to build your efficiency and work process.

Cloud Storage: Thanks to Cloud technology you can, in any case, get to all your significant business-related documents from anyplace. Regardless of what cloud specialist organization you use, there is an Android application to help you to handily get to, and alter your records from anyplace. Let’s see a few best available apps.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most well-known cloud storage applications available to everybody having a Gmail account. It is simpler to store and compose your records utilizing the Google Drive application and share it with anybody you want. Google Drive, by default, has a 15GB of free storage capacity which would be plenty to store and access your archives, spreadsheets, and other significant documents.

Microsoft One Drive

In case you principally use Microsoft Office items to make and alter your records, at that point Microsoft One Drive application would be the best alternative to store and manage your documents. You can utilize the application to check records, access them and share them. Being a Microsoft product, it is more secured compared to other products as all files stored in this application are encrypted and Microsoft also offers ransomware protection.

To-Do List apps: A decent to-do list and reminder application would assist you with staying on target of your tasks/ goals and remind you to finish your tasks for the day.


TickTick is a well-known to-do list application for Android which likewise supports making reminders, notes, and accessing your calendar. You can utilize the application to rapidly make and oversee tasks and reminders and add notes to your tasks to assist you with sorting out your work process and increase your efficiency.


It is another powerful to-do list and reminder application which also has a browser extension permitting you to make and track your tasks and reminders from any gadget. You can likewise work together with others by assigning out tasks to your colleagues or employees. The application likewise has choices to organize your tasks.


Sorting out and tracking your work to-do list is significant with regards to project management productivity. It is built to enable small teams to manage their projects effectively. As indicated on its site, you can add tasks, to-dos, projects, teams, and files that are accessible for up to 15 individuals completely free.


It is one of the most simple and easy to use app, even for tech amateurs. This task management app very easily lets you track your workflow. In this app, you can add comments whenever necessary or collaborate whenever needed or customize the app by adding columns and labels. This card-based task management app is great as it encourages you in overseeing tasks flawlessly.

Time Doctor

Sometimes a few employees can be sluggish and need somebody to keep an eye on them for them to finish work. So to get the ideal outcomes, it is the correct tool. It tracks users and makes reports of their exhibition without invading their privacy. It is fundamentally used to follow your worker’s activity in work time.

Rescue Time

Fundamentally, this application is similar to Time Doctor; it tracks your activity and gives you a report. Organizations can utilize Rescue Time to follow their representatives without invading their privacy.

We have seen various to do list apps but there are a few apps which are different as with the help of these apps one can easily focus and complete more things in less time. Let’s see these applications.

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To-Do List

The Pomodoro timer application utilizes the Pomodoro method to assist you to be progressively engaged and productive when you are working on a task. The method separates your work into 25 minutes interims isolated by brief breaks in the middle. You simply need to begin the timer and work on a task and following 25 minutes the timer will run out and your 3-5 minute brief break will begin. This method has been logically demonstrated to build efficiency. The application additionally has alternatives to make a to-do list and even white list your applications to prevent yourself from getting distracted.


It is a novel application that helps you to concentrate on the main tasks. The thought is to plant a virtual seed in the Forest application, and the seed will develop persistently into a tree as long as you are not utilizing your phone, and will shrink and die if you use it. This idea gives you a sense of responsibility and achievement.


White sound applications assist you to concentrate and focus on your work by generating soothing and calming sounds like e.g. sounds of rain or sound on a beach, which is immensely helpful if you are working from a loud environment. It is a famous white noise application that encourages you to concentrate on your work by producing different top-notch nature sounds.

Documents suite apps: One of the fundamental things in today’s age is making and altering various sorts of documents including text, Excel sheets, presentations or pdfs. Luckily, today many incredible and rich applications are available that would assist you to achieve all this from your smartphone.

Google Suite

It incorporates Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and PDF viewer. You can perform a wide range of tasks like creating, altering, and sharing your documents utilizing this suite. You can likewise work together with your colleagues and alter documents together and since all of your documents are stored in the cloud, you can access and alter them from any of your gadgets.

Microsoft Office Suite

It has practically all the mobile versions of applications that you may discover on a Windows machine. You can utilize this application to make and alter your documents, sign pdf documents and share them with your associates or employees or clients, etc. The application additionally permits you to send out pdf documents of your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint records and share them with anybody.



It is an automation app that saves you a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Rather than continually exchanging between various applications to finish fundamental tasks like manually transferring documents to Google Drive, the app allows you to browse a library or customize automation to carry out tasks for you.

I hope you have enjoyed the list and apps mentioned here might be of great help to you, if even one of the app might be helpful to you then I will be very happy.


Instagram Marketing Tips for beginners

Instagram has become the top photo-sharing platform. Approximately 1 billion users use Instagram daily. Users post over 95 million photos every single day and like over 1.6 billion posts. Hence due to its popularity, it has become important in marketing a business.

instagram logo

However, it takes a lot of planning to execute successful marketing campaigns on Instagram because any randomly posted content cannot help you in any way to market your business. Here are a few tips for you to begin with:


sample instagram profile photo

It is a place wherein 150 characters you have to describe your business in a way that attracts your prospects to follow you.  Also please note that the profile section is the only place where clickable links work.

Profile type


(Image of an already converted profile)

Switching to a business profile makes it easier for your followers to contact you. Further, ads can be created and published in business profiles and access Insights, to keep a tab on statistics of your posts.



(sample Instagram post image)

Now after setting up your profile and account type next, the important thing is your posts. As said earlier any random posts will never achieve anything for you. Your posts must be thoroughly planned as per your goals. Your primary goal should be driving engagement with both your current customers and future leads. Positive engagements with your prospects will ultimately encourage them to buy products/services from you.



(sample Instagram stories image -top of the image below Instagram logo)

Nowadays stories have also become an essential part of Instagram marketing. As stories last only 24 hours, they must be able to catch your follower’s attention. And, it is right at the top of your followers’ feeds, it is a perfect place to showcase your brand/offers/announcements.



Insights show your engagement level and post specific impressions. It gives statistics about demographics, locations, and peak interaction times for your followers which are extremely vital for your marketing efforts.

Instagram is a great platform for growing your followers. Instagram influencer’s tie-ups might help to boost your engagement or sharing your customers positive experience creates social proof and it drives more engagement.

These Instagram marketing tips are just a few basic tips to help you get started. Organically growing your brand requires great efforts and in-depth research.

The Dark side of being an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is becoming extremely popular. Being an entrepreneur is considered great for a number of reasons. In fact, it is becoming a craze nowadays but it is important to remember that every coin has two sides similarly entrepreneurship has certain limitations to it also. Let’s have a look at some of the limitations or dark side of entrepreneurship.

Competition: It is extremely important for any business owner to be competitive. Every entrepreneur should have certain uniqueness otherwise extremely difficult for customers to differentiate. Based on such uniqueness only businesses can win customers loyalty and in long-term be profitable for all stakeholders.

Administration: Initially it is extremely difficult to manage a new startup as few individuals or maybe the entrepreneur himself has to manage all functions of the business. So an entrepreneur has to put a lot of time, money and energy in managing the business.

Fear of failure: When you are solely responsible for the success or failure of your business slowly and gradually some may develop a fear of failing. It is difficult to solely manage all functions of the business.

Unpredictable income: Unlike a job where there is a regular source of income there is no such predictability in case of business. If the business is booming you may have a good income but if it slows down than your income is at risk.

Learning: It is said that an entrepreneur has to continuously learn new things because any major change in technology might make you outdated.

Work-life balance: It is difficult to maintain work-life balance because as an entrepreneur there is no fixed time bound work schedule. Further, an entrepreneur has to manage all the functions of the business so it becomes very tricky for an entrepreneur to maintain a balance between their work and personal life.

Health: As an entrepreneur has to fulfill so many responsibilities and also there is no time bound work schedule, health may deteriorate.

In the end, it is wise to consider both sides of being an entrepreneur. For people like me, advantages will definitely outweigh disadvantages and for some, disadvantages outweigh advantages. I pray that you will take the right decision based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you,
Saumil Shah
May the force be with you. Always!

Qualities of successful entrepreneur!!

Do successful entrepreneurs share certain qualities which one-another?

Well yes, successful entrepreneurs do share similar qualities. They are disciplined, they are highly optimistic, adaptable, quick learner and so on. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

1. Self-discipline:

First and foremost quality which every successful individual share and new entrepreneurs must strive to achieve is being self-disciplined. By being self-disciplined an individual is completely focused on his/her goals. If a person is able to develop this quality than his/her success is virtually guaranteed.

2. Optimistic:

The second quality which successful entrepreneurs share is being optimistic. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”- Winston Churchill.

So an entrepreneur must be optimistic because he is the captain of the ship(owner of the business). If he won’t be optimistic than unfortunately, the ship will sink. He(Entrepreneur) is the leader for all his colleagues and subordinates and people look upon their leaders in times of adversity or difficulties. Optimist leaders induce confidence amongst their followers and consequently wins.

3. Honest:

A successful entrepreneur must be honest. Honest not only to himself but also to all stakeholders in the business. In fact, this is the most respected and valued quality. With this quality, only you can get your customers, employees, investors and all other business stakeholders.

4.  Persistence & Determination:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press on! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” 

-Calvin Coolidge

5. Confidence:

Successful entrepreneurs never question themselves that they will succeed or fail. They are self-believers and they know that with all the knowledge and qualities which they possess they will definitely succeed.

6. Quick learner and adaptable:

Entrepreneurs know that any event or situation can give a new business opportunity or give a threat to their existing business. So in today’s age when new ideas are being generated very rapidly for workflows, management, marketing, and new businesses, entrepreneurs must be quick learners so that they can learn new ideas quickly and adapt to changing circumstances.

7. Decisive:

Successful entrepreneurs are fast decision-makers. They have a habit of taking fast decisions and implementing them. Accordingly, they move fast, take feedback from others and if they found that a mistake is committed, they quickly rectify it.

8. People skills:

Successful entrepreneurs know that the most important asset for any business is its human resource. So entrepreneurs should know how to attract and motivate good individuals to work with them. Besides employees, a good relationship is supposed to be maintained with customers also. So, people skills are one of the important qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

9. Passionate:

Successful entrepreneurs are passionate about their business. These are the people who love their business. Business is in their blood(due to their passion).  They derive joy from the business which is beyond money.

Thank you

Saumil Shah

May the force be with you. Always!

Why being an Entrepreneur is amazing?

Being an entrepreneur is amazing and awesome for a number of reasons. Reasons may differ for many existing entrepreneurs but almost all entrepreneurs agree that being an ENTREPRENEUR is amazing. If you are looking for reasons to motivate yourself to be an entrepreneur here are a few reasons describing why being an entrepreneur is amazing?

1. Entrepreneurs are the captain of their ship. They are the one who controls their business and ultimately their destiny.

2. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to bring change.

3. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their business hence they never get bored and are full of energy always. Always select such a field which is your passion.

4. Entrepreneurs are leaders. They are often looked up as role models and hence command rather than demand respect.

5. Entrepreneurs always are satisfied. It gives immense satisfaction in owning a business and then nurturing it.

6. Entrepreneurs have more time to spend with their family.

7. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to better their health, give time to their hobbies.

8. Entrepreneurs contribute to society by giving back a portion of the profit or by introducing a product or service which directly or indirectly helps society in a better way.

9. Entrepreneurs though faces a lot of challenges. But those challenges, in turn, give so much learning and experience that is priceless.

There are still many more reasons why being an entrepreneur is great and amazing? But the above-mentioned reasons are enough to give you a glimpse of it. Entrepreneurs thus do enjoy complete package in their life as they earn decently, command respect in society, are changemakers, and are satisfied.

Well lastly as it is said every coin has two sides similarly there are also certain limitations of entrepreneurship which will discuss later in next post.

Saumil Shah
May the force be with you. Always