Being an entrepreneur is amazing and awesome for a number of reasons. Reasons may differ for many existing entrepreneurs but almost all entrepreneurs agree that being an ENTREPRENEUR is amazing. If you are looking for reasons to motivate yourself to be an entrepreneur here are a few reasons describing why being an entrepreneur is amazing?

1. Entrepreneurs are the captain of their ship. They are the one who controls their business and ultimately their destiny.

2. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to bring change.

3. Entrepreneurs are passionate about their business hence they never get bored and are full of energy always. Always select such a field which is your passion.

4. Entrepreneurs are leaders. They are often looked up as role models and hence command rather than demand respect.

5. Entrepreneurs always are satisfied. It gives immense satisfaction in owning a business and then nurturing it.

6. Entrepreneurs have more time to spend with their family.

7. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to better their health, give time to their hobbies.

8. Entrepreneurs contribute to society by giving back a portion of the profit or by introducing a product or service which directly or indirectly helps society in a better way.

9. Entrepreneurs though faces a lot of challenges. But those challenges, in turn, give so much learning and experience that is priceless.

There are still many more reasons why being an entrepreneur is great and amazing? But the above-mentioned reasons are enough to give you a glimpse of it. Entrepreneurs thus do enjoy complete package in their life as they earn decently, command respect in society, are changemakers, and are satisfied.

Well lastly as it is said every coin has two sides similarly there are also certain limitations of entrepreneurship which will discuss later in next post.

Saumil Shah
May the force be with you. Always