Instagram Marketing Tips for beginners

Instagram has become the top photo-sharing platform. Approximately 1 billion users use Instagram daily. Users post over 95 million photos every single day and like over 1.6 billion posts. Hence due to its popularity, it has become important in marketing a business.

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However, it takes a lot of planning to execute successful marketing campaigns on Instagram because any randomly posted content cannot help you in any way to market your business. Here are a few tips for you to begin with:


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It is a place wherein 150 characters you have to describe your business in a way that attracts your prospects to follow you.  Also please note that the profile section is the only place where clickable links work.

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Switching to a business profile makes it easier for your followers to contact you. Further, ads can be created and published in business profiles and access Insights, to keep a tab on statistics of your posts.



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Now after setting up your profile and account type next, the important thing is your posts. As said earlier any random posts will never achieve anything for you. Your posts must be thoroughly planned as per your goals. Your primary goal should be driving engagement with both your current customers and future leads. Positive engagements with your prospects will ultimately encourage them to buy products/services from you.



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Nowadays stories have also become an essential part of Instagram marketing. As stories last only 24 hours, they must be able to catch your follower’s attention. And, it is right at the top of your followers’ feeds, it is a perfect place to showcase your brand/offers/announcements.



Insights show your engagement level and post specific impressions. It gives statistics about demographics, locations, and peak interaction times for your followers which are extremely vital for your marketing efforts.

Instagram is a great platform for growing your followers. Instagram influencer’s tie-ups might help to boost your engagement or sharing your customers positive experience creates social proof and it drives more engagement.

These Instagram marketing tips are just a few basic tips to help you get started. Organically growing your brand requires great efforts and in-depth research.

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