Hello everyone, I am Saumil Shah. Before I begin with my overview of DDIB3C1, I will like to give a quick intro. I am currently a Banker by profession and aspiring to be a full-time blogger & a digital marketer shortly. From my childhood, I was always amazed by listening to various entrepreneurs and always wanted to venture out but because of various reasons, I was not able to pursue my dreams. Nevertheless, my entrepreneurial spirit never died & since 2016, I was experimenting with various ideas but D.M. caught my complete attention in 2017. And then in that year, I started following Deepak Sir but again because of certain factors I was not able to completely focus on my dream, i.e. digital marketing. So fast forward to 2020 here I am with Do or Die, perform or perish kind of promise to myself. A Promise that I will completely focus & give my best efforts to achieve my dream at all costs and whatever efforts it takes.

Now coming back to our agenda, guys this is my first ever blog post ever to be written by just myself (without any help from the internet). So, I request you to please give me feedback.

In the First class of Internship, we were reminded to have goals set for ourselves. Goals are very important because they always guide us. Without goals, we are heading nowhere. In our case, the primary goal should have a clear idea of what we want to become either a blogger, vlogger, freelancer, teacher, or starting a D.M. agency or these combinations. Then, a digital marketer should also have secondary goals like to improve communication and selling skills as they are extremely important for his /her success in the digital marketing field. Further, a financial goal was also demonstrated to us which is as below:

Making 1 crore in x years/months (the choice is yours) by

Having a 1000 Rs.paying 10000 customers


Having 10000 Rs paying 1000 customers

Moving further few important concepts of Economics were explained.

The first being that the economy of a country expands when the average age of citizens goes up & vice versa. This theory was explained by observing an individuals life that when an individual grows completes his/her education, he/she either gets a job or do business then they get married, after marriage, they plan their family, buy a new home and / car, etc. so as one observation can be made that with an increase in age one’s expenses increase.

The second concept taught was “debt creates money” meaning that when an individual obtains a loan then that money I invested further/ is spend on goods/ services, in both cases money circulation in the country increases while when a person pays back loan money circulation decreases.

Few economics books suggested by Deepak sir are economics 101, currency wars, books by Paul Krugman, Raghuram Rajan, and adam smith.

Next, the importance of communication was explained. communication skills are extremely important as it helps in content creation, sales, and becoming successful in our profession. Here English is our primary language in our communication so one should always continuously improve their skills. now as in case of any other language reading, writing and listening are must to have good command at the language, the same applies in case of learning and improving English language skills. Reading, listening, and writing English daily for at least 30 minutes will help a lot.

After communication, the future of digital marketing was discussed by Deepak sir in which sir answered a question which many people are asking him that is digital marketing field is going to fade out in future? to this question, sir gave the logic that digital marketing is nothing but a combination of digital + marketing and both these concepts are here to stay. simply stated neither marketing is not going to die out nor any digital platforms are.

To make us understand the importance of communication and interlinking of various digital marketing aspects, a concept is known as Integrated digital marketing was explained.

integrated digital marketing

Later, Deepak sir explained that to be successful in the digital marketing niche selection is a must and he guided us in selecting niche by giving us a formula for its selection.he said ideally it should be a combination of passion +talent +market opportunity. Deepak sir also gave us a suggestion that the currently most profitable niche is health, wealth, lifestyle (fashion) & relationships. and he also gave us a brief idea about how to find market demand by using various tools like google auto suggest,, amazon reviews, etc.

Lastly, two important concepts of personal branding and funnels were explained. personal branding is a must in any field and digital marketing is not an exception because it is a factor that differentiates us from the crowd. personal branding is key to building a tribe. With personal branding, you can get a job or even build your business.


In the case of funnels, sir explained that it is a kind of customer journey map. One of the basic functions of the funnel is to gain the customer’s trust.